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"The youth of the region are the future. We should listen to them more openly and seriously. They are full of creativity if we allow them to exercise their minds."

Mark Berryman

Mångsysslare på Peace & Love

Mark Berryman was born on the East coast of Scotland and he is proud to be routed in Scotland. He has spent the largest part of his life living in England until he fell in love with a Swedish girl and then Sweden. For the greater part of the week Mark work alongside Jesper Heed (The man behind Peace & Love).

Vem är du och vad gör du?
My job consists of a multitude of things ranging from negotiating with international artist management to cleaning tables in our Peace & Love cafe when its needed. I have some great friends in the music industry and Peace & Love means I can work with them whilst staying at home almost every night.

I manage Prop Dylan who will have a great new album out shortly so that’s taking up some time. Working with PD is always fun and we are great friends.

I’m a part of the team behind The Meeting Point, a conference aimed at developing solutions to real sustainability issues that are presented by business partners. The event is supported by the EU and Stiftelsen Teknikdalen and has a huge level of youth participation along with forward thinking professionals from a wealth of backgrounds. Also very excited to be working with some great friends on launching a new NGO (NonGovernmental Organization) that we have been developing for a few years called EveryLittle Change. Its essentially a way of promoting positive change to everyone in the world.All to be revealed shortly I hope (well, within a year). Part of the Every Little Change journey will be featured in an outrageously encouraging and inspiring documentary called Warrior by Nature which is being put together by a very talented BBC film maker, George MacCallum and his team.

Vad är du mest stolt över?
Absolutely without any question, my family. I have the most beautiful wife and kids I could ever dream of. I am nothing without them. We have been through real hardships together over the last year after the arrival of our latest son Viggo and coming through that has pulled us together like a rock. So proud of all of them.

Vem borde uppmärksammas mer i vår region?
The youth of the region are the future. We should listen to them more openly and seriously. They are full of creativity if we allow them to exercise their minds. We want tokeep them here so why not let them shape the place they live so they want to stay and attract others while doing it.

Favoritplats i vår region?
Wow that’s a hard one!! Dalarna is beautiful and the list of spots would be too long. Any place I can be holding a fly rod with hope for a fish. I really want to try and fish up around Carl Larsson gården it’s spectacular and I’m Sure there are a few trout waiting for me there. I absolutely love being out in nature and one of the things that made the decision to move to Dalarna so easy is that it’s everywhere! Björboforsen is awesome.

Om du fick tio miljoner att investera i regionen, vad skulle du göra?
I would invest it into setting up a vibrant and fun youth center where we educate school kids how to develop their powerful minds and become more sustainable people in the future. To think more about the future and the impact of their actions. To help them interact with nature and learn how to influence others to do the same.

Vad är ditt bästa minne från Falun Borlänge-regionen?
The first time I came to visit Dalarna. I stayed at my parents in law in Österby for 3 weeks. It was late July/early August and the temperature was reaching over 30 degrees the whole time. I think if I could pick a moment from the stay it would be going out alone on my father in law’s canoe and feeling alone in nature. Something that is very hard to reach back home in England where I was living at the time. It felt wild and untouched. The feeling is hard to explain but it was felt deep in my soul, like I was home at last. Seeing one of my heroes Bob Dylan play at the Peace & Love Festival was unbelievable.

Vad gör du om tio år?
I made a commitment last year to enjoy life here and now. Who knows where that will take me in ten years. I am sure I will be doing the same sort of thing I am now but bigger and better.


Mark Berryman

 Ålder: 30
Jobbar med: see above, but essentially I am a networker.
Bor: Östeby, Gustafs
Dold talang: Jag är en jäkel på att kasta långt.
Det visste du inte om mig: Min fru säger att jag är ett stort barn. Kan det finnas något bättre att bli jämförd med..
Reser helst till: Loch Rannoch, Scotland
Jag skulle aldrig säga nej till: Fler timmar på dygnet.

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